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Fashion PR Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Style PR - Article Example The current paper tries to basically examine the materialness of known proclamations in advertising to the style business after cautiously understanding the improvement of advertising in the business from prior occasions ever. The advancement of advertising methodologies in style industry came to fruition around the 1930s, when individuals from the first class and well off class could bear to choose and pick creator wearables like articles of clothing, outfits, wigs, glasses, arm bands, umbrellas, etc. By at that point, particular style magazines were at that point accessible in print in the urban culture and photographs were being printed to make spread pages for the magazines. Style was not simply confined to attire and what an individual wore, but at the same time was found in home dã ©cor and adornments. By the 1960s, an increasingly significant pattern of distinguishing and depicting the instability of the business started and is well known till today. Among the main instances of utilization of open connection system in advancing style items, we discover a restriction of intensity as a specific news house would solicit individuals from its exclusive class or Hollywood on-screen characters and entertainers who are individuals from the book house or distributing house to wear manifestations of known creator individuals from a similar society, at occasions and capacities where they would get saw and clicked. Along these lines, the distributing houses would have liked to keep allure and glamour exhibited on individuals related with them. One such model is seen when Eleanor Lambert in 1950 asks Joan Crawford to don.

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The Change of Role of Women Essay Example

The Change of Role of Women Essay Example The Change of Role of Women Essay The Change of Role of Women Essay The Change of the Role of Women can hold up a large portion of the sky This well known expression was said by Mao Sedona, a man who comprehended and battled for ladies balance. In current China, ladies can completely partake in all parts of society. Their way of life is on the ascent. Be that as it may, Chinese ladies suffered a great deal from Inequality previously. Verifiably, the life of ladies was troublesome. They probably won't endure as an infant. Some of the time an infant young lady would be deserted If her family didnt need her. Regardless of whether they were fortunate. The greater part of them couldnt get instruction, and they will comply with their spouses for their opening life. They had nothing to do with who they needed to wed. As time advances, womens life has without a doubt gone better. There are heaps of striking relapse and simultaneously progress during 1900 to 1997. In old China, since men were permitted to have various spouses, numerous ladies were filled in as mistresses. Ladies were considered as sexual accomplices and particularly, devices for giving births. During Tang line, Emperor Gao Z was thought to have 40,000 ladies in his castle just to guarantee he had whatever number posterity as would be prudent. Ladies werent permitted to get training. They should just deal with their family units for the remainder of their lives. Likewise, there was custom for Chinese ladies was that they all needed to tie their feet. Ladies was believed to be wonderful just when they had little feet. As indicated by Han Quoin in Northern Chinas Shania territory, the last Chinese lady that has her feet bound, she had her feet broken and bound when she was at just the age of two. It took her a half year to become acclimated to the torment and walk appropriately. In 1902, there was a restriction on feet official yet it was believed to be insufficient since laws ere disregarded ladies despite everything experience the ill effects of the torment. All things being equal, a minority of ladies had begun to have the will to escape from this out of line way of life. Widow Empress Xix, was doubtlessly one of those fearless individuals. She began as a mistress of the sovereign, who gradually advanced up until she was accountable for China for forty-seven years. She died in 1908. She once viewed herself as the most impressive and most extravagant sovereign on the planet. There were one major occasions during year 1912 to 1949, which is the World War II. It was a tough time for Chinese ladies. A large number of them were confined by the Japanese armed force and constrained Into prostitution. Those were called comfort ladies. They were mishandled and treated severely regular. As expressed In a book titled-Chinese Comfort Women, Recent research In China proposes that Chinese ladies represented about portion of the evaluated aggregate of 400,000 casualties of the military solace ladies framework. After the war, they were hesitant to go to bat for themselves since they were considered as disfavors to their family, as opposed to being taken consideration for. All things considered, the beneficial thing was that after the finish of King Dynasty, ladies dashed to battle for their privileges. They would get instruction from colleges. A significant number of them before long discovered their professions as instructors, essayists, or even political activists. One of an acclaimed moving Chinese ladies was Song Mining Ling, Mother of the Nation and the spouse of Sun Hat San. After Mayos achievement, she had decided to remain in China. Her objective had changed from liberating the People of China to picking up rights for ladies in association which concentrated on the improvement of womens conditions. For example, young ladies schools were set up to give ladies instruction and aptitudes to work, as indicated by book doltishnesss developments in Twentieth-Century Taiwan. She was additionally originator of a few government assistance or common right associations in China. She was appeared as a huge figure of ladies strengthening in China. Theres likewise one immense discussion in 1919, when there was an updates on ladies ended it all because of constrained marriage. Mao Sedona depicted it as the rottenness of the marriage framework and the dimness of the social framework This shows womens rights had gradually gain considerations and arrangements by higher specialists and the general population. During 1949-1976, when the Socialist Party dealt with China, Mayos one of the significant activity was to improve Chinese womens conditions. In 1949,the ladies work power rose to 44% in China. (incredible jump forward)Len 1950, there was a Land Reform Act. Its motivation was to improve the way of life of the laborers in China through land redistribution. The Land Reform Act profited ladies that they got the opportunity to possess properties under their names. Because of another marriage law built up in 1950, unmarried, separated, or bereaved ladies could reserve the privileges to hold land. Another occasion ring this timeframe was the Cultural Revolution (CRY). This is difficult to recognize as absolutely progress or relapse. During the CRY, youngsters were advised by Mao to shape Red Guard units, whose Job was to censure instructed individuals. Truly, numerous ladies had confronted viciousness, constrained work, or even demise in the event that they were considered as agents China and yet, young ladies were urged to take an interest in the savagery as Red Guard. Some of them were having indistinguishable rights from men despite the fact that on a fierce reason, while some experienced this transformation. Additionally, there ere a lot more laws acquainted with guarantee womens rights. For example, men werent permitted to have more than one spouse. After Mayos command over China, the change and opening up strategy set up by Eden Gapping has a ton impacts on ladies strengthening as well. In 1992, the level of ladies who have Jobs for more than 15 years rose to 72. 33%. They took up a large portion of the work power in country zones. They could search for Jobs that dont require a lot of aptitudes. Ladies could now carry earnings to their families. In any case, the customary thought of sex distinction doesnt appeared to be moved from the Chinese totally. At the point when the One Child Policy, which each family was just permitted to have one kid, was acquainted with control Chinas populace, many infant young ladies are surrendered even at this point. This is on the grounds that numerous Chinese despite everything believe that ladies are less significant than men. Presently, in current China, ladies cannot be more not quite the same as their precursors. During the principal half of the twentieth century, there werent much changes in the job of ladies. Rules set up didnt get to the foundation of the issue. At the point when it got to the late twentieth century, increasingly compelling changes ere made by both the administration and general society. Ladies in present day China assume a significant job on Chinas work power. They currently contribute a ton to each part of China. The greater part of the universes most extravagant ladies are Chinese, including the main three. As I would see it, the job of ladies has confronted a ton of relapses during each timeframes yet by and large, they have increase numerous rights and regards by the administrations. There are still hindrances the same number of conventional Chinese dont concur with ladies strengthening. I have confidence later on, genuine sexual orientation correspondence in China will be

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Avoid These 7 Popular Amazon Scams - OppLoans

Avoid These 7 Popular Amazon Scams - OppLoans Avoid These 7 Popular Amazon ScamsInside Subprime: Dec 14, 2018By Lindsay Frankel  Amazon is the world’s top online retailer, and continues to grow rapidly, bringing more users into its corner of the retail market. The number of Amazon Prime members doubled from 40 million just three years ago to 80 million in 2017. And the company brought in a whopping $177.9 billion in net sales last year. So it’s no wonder that the business attracts fraudsters, scam artists, and identity thieves. Most commonly, phony sellers use the platform to set up fake accounts, taking buyers’ money without delivering any goods. But there are also email phishing scams, gift card scams, and other threats associated with the Amazon name. Here’s what to look for, and how you can protect yourself.Gift Card ScamsThis popular scams involves fraudsters marketing discounts on goods paid for with Amazon gift cards, either via phone or online. Amazon warns that legitimate transactions will never  require gift c ard payment, and that you should never use Amazon gift cards outside of Amazon. Don’t fall for scam artists’ urgent requests for your claim code, and never give any gift card details to someone you don’t trust. Fake ListingsSometimes, fraudsters will list goods or services claiming to be an Amazon seller. If a seller requires that you pay with a gift card, walk away, even if it seems like a great deal. Typically, these phony sellers disappear after you give them your gift card information, never delivering the goods or services promised. Job Offer ScamsAmazon is known to pay well and offer comprehensive benefits, so a job offer from Amazon can be enticing, and scam artists will take advantage. Usually, the fraudster will ask for an upfront finder’s fee after you contact them about a fake employment listing you saw online or are offered a position over the phone. To avoid this scam, never give your credit card, bank account, or gift card information to someone you don’t kno w. Phishing ScamsThe goal behind this scam is identity theft, so it’s a particularly dangerous one to fall victim to. In this scam, you’ll receive an email from someone claiming to be an Amazon customer service representative. They’ll ask you to update your information or confirm personal data to ensure a recent purchase is processed. But Amazon assures customers that they will “never send you an unsolicited e-mail that asks you to provide sensitive personal information like your social security number, tax ID, bank account number, credit card information, ID questions like your mothers maiden name or your password. If you receive a suspicious e-mail please report it immediately.Amazon Award FraudIn this scam, you’ll get a phony award email from Amazon asking you to click a link to get a gift card. The message frequently says: “This $1,000 Amazon gift card is reserved for you.” But Amazon never offers free or deeply discounted $1,000 gift cards to loyal customers. Inst ead, the email is coming from a scammer intending to steal your private information. Delete any suspicious emails that seem too good to be true. Sometimes, scam awards will also show up as a pop-up ad.Amazon Review ScamIf someone offers you $50-$100 to write an review, ignore the request. This scam usually crops up around peak shopping times. You’ll get an email directing you to a shockingly-realistic yet fake Amazon site, incentivizing you with monetary compensation. Instead, the fake site collects your private data, which the scammer uses to commit identity theft. Simply delete all emails of this kind. Phony Product ScamThough Amazon monitors and regularly removes fake sellers, some still manage to sell knock-off products that aren’t worth what you paid for them. In fact, Amazon has faced lawsuits from brands believing the company doesn’t work hard enough to prevent the fake listings. Make sure to check a seller’s reviews and look for red flags before making a p urchase from a marketplace seller. Amazon offers an excellent online shopping experience, and scam artists use the trusted company’s name to defraud consumers. Be cautious of these scams, particularly those that are aimed at stealing your information, and report any fraudulent activity to Amazon. For more information on payday loans, scams,  cash advances, and  title loans,  check out our state and city financial guides.Visit  OppLoans  on  YouTube  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  LinkedIn

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The Future Tense in Italian

Your parents will prepare pasta alla puttanesca for dinner next time. On Saturday he’ll buy that leather jacket hes been thinking about, and next year you’ll learn the future tense. (Well, let’s hope that it will be right now instead of next year, but for example’s sake, we’ll say next year.) The future tense in Italian expresses an action that will take place, quite simply, in the future. While in English the future is expressed with the helping verb will or the phrase going to, in Italian, a verb ending marks it as being set in the future tense. Have you ever heard the phrase, â€Å"Che sarà  , sarà  Ã¢â‚¬ ? It means â€Å"what will be, will be†, and the final letter of the word â€Å"sarà  Ã¢â‚¬  will give you your first taste of the future tense. Let’s practice with the examples from the beginning of this article written in Italian. La prossima cena, i tuoi, prepareranno la pasta alla puttanesca. - Your parents will prepare la pasta alla puttanesca for dinner next time.Sabato, comprerà   quella giacca di cuoio a cui pensava da tanto tempo. - On Saturday, he’ll buy that leather jacket he’s been thinking about.L’anno prossimo imparerai il tempo futuro in italiano. - Next year you’ll learn the future tense in Italian. How to Conjugate the Future Tense -ARE Verbs The future tense (futuro semplice) of first-conjugation regular (-are) verbs is formed first by changing the infinitive ending -are into -er. The following future endings are then added to the root: -à ²-ai-à  -emo-ete-anno Future Tense Conjugation of Cantare io canter noi canteremo tu canterai voi canterete lui, lei, Lei canter loro, essi canteranno Esempi Un giorno canterà ² sul palcoscenico con Jovanotti. - One day I will sing onstage with Jovanotti.Quando compiranno trent’anni, canteranno in una gara di karaoke! - When they turn 30 years old, they will sing in a karaoke contest!Domani Marco e Anna canteranno nel coro! - Tomorrow Marco and Anna will sing in the chorus! ​TIP:  When the time that something is happening is noted, like â€Å"domani - tomorrow†, you don’t necessarily have to use the future tense. You can just use  the present indicative  and say something like, â€Å"Domani vado a scuola. - Tomorrow I’m going to school†. -Ere and -Ire Verbs The future tense of regular second-conjugation and third-conjugation (-ere and -ire) verbs is formed by simply dropping the final -e of the infinitive and then adding these endings: -à ²-ai-à  -emo-ete-anno You’ll notice that these are the same endings as those added to the -are verbs. For a sample conjugation, see the table below, which conjugates the verbs credere and partire. Future Tense Conjugations of Credere and Partire io creder noi crederemo tu crederai voi crederete lui, lei, Lei creder loro, Loro crederanno Esempi Ci crederà ² quando lo vedrà ². - I’ll believe it when I see it.Dopo aver avuto dei figli, lui crederà   nel vero amore. - After having had kids, he will believe in true love.Crederanno a tutto quello che gli dirai. - They’ll believe everything you’ll tell them! io partir noi partiremo tu partirai voi partirete lui, lei, Lei partir loro, Loro partiranno Esempi Alla fine di settembre partirà ² per Roma. - At the end of September I will leave for Rome.Ti laureerai e poi partirai per l’Africa? - You will graduate and then you will leave for Africa?I miei cugini partiranno il 7 di giugno. - My cousins will be leaving on June 7th. Irregular Verbs In the future tense, some verbs are irregular. For example, the verbs dare, stare, and fare simply drop the final -e of their infinitives and form the stems dar-, star- and far-, respectively. The stem of the verb essere is sar-. All of these stems are then combined with the regular future-tense endings listed above. The verbs listed below also have an irregularly shortened stem in the future tense (usually, because the vowel a or e is dropped from the infinitive). andare andr- avere avr- cadere cadr- dovere dovr- potere potr- sapere sapr- vedere vedr- vivere vivr- Irregular Future Tense Stems Also be aware of the spelling of verbs with infinitives ending in -ciare and -giare. These verbs drop the i before adding the future endings to the root, like tu comincerai, noi viaggeremo. Also, verbs with infinitives ending in -care and -gare add an h to the root for the future to preserve the hard sound of the c or g of the infinitive: io cercherà ², loro pagheranno.

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Adidas Company Profile - 1181 Words

Adidas Company Profile Adidas is a company based in Germany that primarily makes shoes and sports apparel that operates all over the world and one of the countries that Adidas does business in is China. Adidas uses a low cost strategy in China. Adidas believes that to get more business, it must lower costs to attract people who don’t make much money and those customers will see the quality of the product and continue buying products from Adidas. The cultural environment in China is different from Germany’s cultural environment. China has a strong structure where an order by a superior is expected to be obeyed fully and any questioning of that order would show disrespect. Seniority and age have a strong place in the power†¦show more content†¦There are also local laws for foreign companies which Adidas must follow fully. This is different from Germany as the these laws are much stricter in China. Luckily, Adidas already went through this process. Adidas must als o be aware of intellectual property rights in China. It should patent, copyright, and trademark all logos and products. There is a problem though as, â€Å"there is widespread violation and ineffective enforcement of law.†(â€Å"Top Eight Legal†). The laws about patenting, copyrighting, and trade marking are similar in Germany, but there isn’t as many issues with people violating the patents, copyrights, and trademarks and if there is an issue law enforcement handles it well. China handles disputes between two companies or parties by arbitration that should be in a clause in a contract. The clause is normally very specific with location, language to be spoken, and which country’s law will be in effect. This is to be done to get a fair deal that both sides can agree on. This is important as a dispute is sure to be had, so Adidas should know how this will be handled. Adidas handles mode of entry in China in two different ways. It is a wholly owned subsidiar y and it licenses Reebok shoes when it, â€Å"has taken control of the distribution and license rights for the Reebok brand in China.† (â€Å"Adidas Group Takes Control†). Adidas can now license Reebok shoes throughout China. Adidas is a whollyShow MoreRelatedAdidas Industry Analysis964 Words   |  4 PagesAdidas athletic shoes 1. General History The global footwear market is a growing market with an increase in consumer demand based on globally increasing consumer incomes. The sports footwear market is significantly characterized by the high speed of innovation, which forces the companies to invest more in development initiatives. At the same time the companies are trying to reduce costs through decreasing supplier prices in order to stay competitive. Looking forward, the footwear marketRead MoreThe Company s Creation And Expansion Essay1554 Words   |  7 Pages Adidas Group Company Report An in-depth analysis on the company’s creation and expansion Michael De La Rosa Lynn University History and Subsidiaries Adidas AG, headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, was registered on August 18th, 1949 by Adolf(Adi) Dassler. As of today, adidas stands and the world’s second largest sportswear manufacturer in the entire world, following only Nike. Adidas AG is the holding company for the adidas group which consists of Reebok, TaylorMade-AdidasRead MoreAdidas branding strategies1059 Words   |  5 PagesStrategic Brand Management of Adidas Duraiganasan Subramaniam SCSJ-0003731 BA456 Marketing Cases Mr.Francis Ng Adidas Introduction Adidas is a Germany multinational corporation that design and manufacture sport accessories and clothing. Besides, its core business adidas also have leverage its product types such as bags, shirts, watches, eyewear, and other sports- and clothing-related goods. Adolf Dassler, founded adidas in 1948, after the separated from his brother Rudolf who was foundedRead Moreâ€Å"Everything We Do Is Rooted In Sports.† Adidas Was Created1087 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"Everything we do is rooted in sports.† Adidas was created to unite the individuals who love to have a sporty lifestyle and fashion sense. Not only have they been providing satisfactory athletic footwear and apparel for athletes since 1900s, but they’ve also continuously deliver products that exceeds consumer standards. Adidas targets potential customers that their products will appeal the most to, because of this they are more successful in selling their product and a trend of increasing profitsRead MoreTh e Factors Of A Companys Macro Environment1364 Words   |  6 PagesUnder Armour’s Strategy Identifying influencing factors of a company’s macro-environment helps in the strategic development and management within a company. The macro-environment outlines an industry and the competitive environment as seen in figure 3.1, (Gamble, Peteraf, Thompson, 39). Within the macro-environment there are the political factors, economic conditions, sociocultural forces, technological factors, environment forces, and legal/regulatory factors. All of these factors blanket theRead MoreNike vs Adidas1127 Words   |  5 PagesENTREPRENEURSHIP PROJECT CASE STUDY INTRODUCTION CONTENTS 1. | ACKNOWLGEMENT | 2. | AIM | 3. | INTODUCTION OF THE COMPANIES | 4. | COMPARISION OF MARKETING STRATEGY | 5. | DATA ANALYSIS | 6. | DATA REPORT | 7. | CONCLUSION | ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I would like to thank my teacher Mrs. Grace for her extensive support in the completion of this entrepreneurship project and also providing me with help full tips. ThisRead MoreMarketing Segmentation of Adidas Essay1435 Words   |  6 Pages Adidas is a major German sports apparel manufacturer, which was founded in 1948. It is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and the second biggest sportswear manufacturer in the world, after Nike. The companys clothing and shoe designs typically feature three parallel bars. The company revenue for 2009 was listed at â‚ ¬10.38 billion. The market segmentation; targeting and position play an important role in this company. This essay will use the three factors to analyze this company. Read MoreBecoming A Athlete And Sports Fan1710 Words   |  7 Pagesfor business. I used to work in my parents’ butchery as a kid and opened my own pub when I was a student. At the Adidas Group, my passion for sports and for the business inspire me in my daily work† (Hainer). That quote came directly from the CEO of Adidas himself, Herbert Hainer. Hainer was born in Germany, and has a degree in Business Studies. He started as a Sales Director for Adidas, eventually becoming a National Sales Director, to a spot on the Executive Board, and now the head position as ChiefRead MoreAdidas : A Competitive Company1522 Words   |  7 PagesCompany Overview Adidas was registered as a company Germany, 1949. They are a multinational corporation now that produces sports clothing, casual clothing, sports gear, and accessories. Adidas are a holding company which means that they own other companies. The companies that are under Adidas groups are Reebok Sportswear Company, Taylor Made-Adidas Golf Company, Rockport Company, and CCM-Hockey. Each of these Companies under Adidas Company produces different or some similar materials for sale. Read MoreNike s Aggressive Marketing And Pricing Approach1154 Words   |  5 PagesUnlike Adidas, Nike’s aggressive marketing and pricing approach constantly aids them in outperforming their competitors within the industry. The large portion of capital invested in celebrity athlete endorsements contracts with players such as Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and Lebron James has had a strong impact on product sales every quarter. These investments have resulted in stronger brand loyalty through active custome r-relationship building and continuous improvements in their products. With

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Paul of Tarsus free essay sample

Paul of tarsus is recognised as the second founder of Christianity after Jesus. He was born in tarsus somewhere between O and IOCE. Although his teachings have influenced every generation of Christianity of Christian thinking and every variant of Christianity, in Pauls early years he was a Jew and a Pharisee and was also know as Saul. As a Pharisee, he was well known for he opposition against the individuals who were preaching Jesus Christ and was first mentioned in the bible witnessing the death of Stephen the first Christian martyr. While Paul was travelling to Damascus Jesus spoke to him Saul, Saul why do you persecute me? Who are you lord? Saul asked. I am Jesus whom you are persecuting Acts 9:3-6. It was after this event that Paul of tarsus became one of the most significant people in the development of Christianity. We will write a custom essay sample on Paul of Tarsus or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The reason why Paul of tarsus was one of the most significant persons in Christianity is because of his contributions to the development of Christianity. Some of Pauls contributions were; his missionary Journeys, his 13 letters, he recognised that Jesus message was not only for people of Jewish faith, developed some of the key heological beliefs that form the basis of Christianity and he also identified some key rituals that form the basis of Christianity. Pauls missionary Journeys (found in the acts of the apostles) where important to the development of Christianity because as well as preaching to Jews about Jesus, he also spread the word of Jesus to the Gentiles. He made three missionary Journeys in 46, 50 and 53 CE and it was after his last Journey that he was arrested for preaching. The significance of Pauls Journeys was that he spread the word of Jesus and Christianity ut of Jerusalem and helped make Christianity into a universal religion. He also established churches in the major cities of the known world at that time which included Rome and Corinth. This was significant to the development to Christianity because without Pauls missionary Journeys the word of Jesus may not have left Jerusalem. Paul also wrote 13 letters between 50-55CE. Although there is some dispute on whether he wrote them all. Some examples of the accepted letter written by Paul are; Romans, Corinthians 1, Corinthians 2 and the Philippians. Some of the disputed etters are; Corinthians 3, timothy 1 and timothy 2. The letters were written in Greek. The significance of Pauls letters are that they make up h of the Christian Bible, his letters are the earliest Christian documents that have been preserved, he is the second most prolific writer in the New testament and his letters were responsible for supporting the Christian communities that he had help establish e. g. Corinth. Pauls letters are still being used at church today love is patient, love is kind, love never fails Corinthians 1, is still being repeated in church today. Paul also recognised that Jesus message was not Just for people of Jewish faith, Paul the gentiles. In 49CE the debate regarding the inclusion of gentiles resulted in the council of Jerusalem. Pauls argument that gentiles do not need to become Jewish and undertake circumcision to become Christians prevailed at the council. This was significant to the development of Christianity because it made Christianity into a separate religion rather then Just a variant of Judaism. Paul also developed some of the key theological beliefs that form the basis of Christianity. Paul laid down some of he foundational beliefs of Christianity. That all humans will be resurrected through their beliefs in Jesus. Philippians 2:8-9. He also said that all humans can seek atonement for their sins. He laid down the trinity- the father, the son and the holy sprit. He also preached the concept of agape (selfless love). Paul also made the power of the cross as a symbol of redemption. These foundational beliefs were significant to the development of Christianity because it identified what it was to be a Christian and what Christian spirituality. His writings have inspired during time of reform in the church e. g. e reformation, Vatican 11 Paul identified some key rituals that form basis of Christianity today. He recognised the importance of baptism-symbolising death and resurrection, church meetings, and a communal meal called the lords supper commemorating the death of Jesus (Corinthians 1 11:23). These rituals are significant because they continue to be the key rituals in Christianity today Paul died a martyr and soon after his de ath he was made a saint. It was from these contributions to the development of Christianity that Paul became a saint and this is why St Paul had such a significant part of Christianity.